How Widely Is English Spoken Across Malaysia?

The position of English in Malaysia

Due to its status as a former British colony, Malaysia has a strong Anglophone tradition and English language plays quite an important role in the country. It comes second for most of the population and is widely used in business, industry, science and technology. Based on recent surveys, around 50% to 60% Malaysians are at least fluent in English, demonstrating its prominence within multiple demographics.

Educational Influence

Unlike France - for example - English is a compulsory language as designs in most curriculums from kindergarten all the way up till tertiary education. By having this kind of policy students are able to learn an order of English from a very young age which ultimately leads them to be more skilled in their academic careers. Yet, English is not merely a subject, it is also the language of instruction for science and mathematics in a number of schools, thereby increasing its importance.

Factoid: Malaysia is home to national schools where English language education receives an allocation of several hours per week that is not all that different from the rest of Asia where the passion for this one world language over the local Malay can determine future fortunes.

Commercial and Professional Offices

English is a must in Malaysia professional wise. Whether it is multinational companies or local businesses, one can observe that all of them run their operations in English as well to comply with global business standards. English plays a very big role in directly affecting employment ( more than job opportunities) as per data available with us. The share of job postings with a demand for fluent English is significantly higher, typically 80% or more of job openings in areas such as IT and finance.

Regional Variations

English is very unevenly spread across Malaysia. Indicators of English proficiency and usage are more optimistic in urban areas, especially Kuala Lumpur, Penang, and Johor Bahru. On the other hand, rural populace may have less exposure to and usage of English, although an educational divide aims to fill this gap gradually.

Cultural Impact

Today in Malaysia, English has long ceased to be merely a necessity; its adoption represents nothing less than urban modernity. This affects its media reach, entertainment, or even the way Malays speak day to day using phrase and terms from English language but in Malay form that forms certain unique linguistic environment.


It is central to Malaysia's linguistic, educational and professional environments with the English language being a lingua franca here. It is likely to have a growing influence, again because of the global economic demands and the school system focus on English as well.

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The extensive use of English in Malaysia does not only help international business and education, but also connects the numerous cultures in the country. In the progress Malaysia is making towards economic and social development, there is a good chance that it will become ever more relevant which means English will reign supreme as a must have 21st century ability for generations to come.

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