What Is Tsinghua's Acceptance Rate?

An Insight on Tsinghua University´s Competitiveness

As one of China's top universities, Tsinghua University received stellar grades on this point due in no small part to the school's reputation as part of Beijing and its high academic standards. Based on its acceptance rate, it is a very selective school.

Tsinghua: Acceptance Rates Today

Tsinghua University has a very low acceptance rate and this figure is a testament to how many top candidates are passed on each year. It is one of the most selective universities in the world, with an undergraduate acceptance rate of 2–3% for the class of 2022. The selection criteria varies slightly by faculty and specific program, but suffice to say, the university expects a lot from its students to need rocking grades.

Breakdown by Programs

Engineering and Sciences: With only a few hundred seats, these programs often have just a bit higher acceptance rates. Nevertheless, 'higher' in this sense is competitive, by and large not surpassing 4%.
Study the Humanities and Social Sciences: Although these tend to have very lower acceptance rates at times even below 2% because there are very few places and high demand for such esteemed programs on human rights subjects including Literature, Religion, Philosophy and Social Justice.
Factors Influencing Admission

Admission to Tsinghua is one of the most complex and challenging processes ofApplying to Tsinghua is not only difficult, it is also complicated.

Performance in Academics: High GPA and test scores during high school.
Extracurricular Achievements: Students who demonstrate leadership capabilities in more than just their grades.
Entrance Exams: Tsinghua admission requires all candidates must write difficult pre-university entrance examination, which plays determining role while selecting eligible Students for an admissions barrier.

International Students

It is much less at only about 8-10% for international students. Well, that can be attributed to Tsinghua making plans to internationalise the student body and bring global talents in for the Ph.D./masters programs. As China has world-class standards of higher learning, all international applicants are expected to meet the academic requirements of their program, and to demonstrate fluency in Chinese (or English, if relevant).

For Students Considering Postbac Programs

What should the applicant to Tsinghua University pay attention to?

Academic Prowess: You have to get good grades and test scores.
Develop a Strong Profile —Participate in quality extra-curricular activities with leadership positions
The Written Exam: This step is in preparation for Tsinghua's hard-hitting entrance exams and a valuable lesson in itself.

Tsinghua University is well-known for having an acceptance rate of below 1%, and it is also known that it is very difficult to get in. Students should be well-prepared in order to enroll in this prestigious university as it targets beyond merely excellent in one field.

To read the full version of the post and how to navigate the Tsinghua University admissions process across the table, head to tsinghua acceptance rate, for more information on admissions. This tool provides insight into some of the dos and don'ts to help applicants understand and navigate the high expectations that the university has.

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