What Is Trust Greenguard?

What is Trust Greenguard?

It's a certification program that means products designed for residential and commercial spaces meet the strictest possible standards of environmental health based on emissions-which is important because we live inside more than 90 percent or even 100% of our life Trust Greenguard Certification is particularly important for indoor air quality, which we could not do without as we are living inside all day. It provides a clear guideline by which low-emitting products that are Trust Greenguard certified can be marked and so aids in improving Indoor Air Quality.

Certification by Trust Greenguard

The High standards Trust Greenguard sets for its certification procedures are not just on paper. The program conducts very demanding tests on its certified products, in dynamic environmental chambers, which are analyzed for more than ten thousand different kinds of volatile organic compound (VOC). In order to receive certification, products must meet the most stringent ever established emissions standards based on recognized chemical exposure criteria. These standards are among some of the most demanding around and they evolve with new scientific data and best environmental practice.

The Wide Range of Certified Products

A lot of the products that come under Trust Greenguard certification are building materials, furniture, electronic goods and even everyday cleaning products. They all have one thing in common-they allow for a healthful indoor environment thanks to their ability to cut down dramatically on the emission of chemicals.

Advantages of Trust Greenguard Certification

Health Benefits The main advantage of purchasing Trust Greenguard certified products is that together they make a real improvement in indoor air quality and therefore human health. Reduced exposure to hazardous chemicals and pollutants can reduce the chance of respiratory diseases, allergies or other illnesses caused by bad indoor air.

Marketability For manufacturers, Trust Greenguard certification makes their products more attractive to the consumer. With a growing trend in consumers wanting cleaner, healthier goods, particularly in such areas as home building and furnishings, there is an increasing demand for eco-friendly items. Products awarded the Trust Greenguard label can be marketed easily because they are confirmed to be organic options.

Compliance & Regulatory Benefits

Trust Greenguard certification permits not only products but also companies to meet local and international health and safety regulations established by organizations like the US Environmental Protection Agency or The World Health Organization. In the case of green building certification schemes such as LEED, WELL and BREEAM, certified goods are often preferred which can be very useful when planning a construction project to have a sustainability certification.

Building Consumer Trust

The idea of Trust Greenguard certification is to provide consumers with a strong guarantee that their products are not only some of the most secure choices from a health standpoint currently on the market. In an overcrowded market where products are all fighting for consumers ' attention (and healthy living claims are common), Trust Greenguard gives an added layer of safety.


Trust Greenguard is not just certification. It means healthier indoor environments, and manufacturing with a future. It makes consumers feel more secure about the goods they choose to bring into their homes and workplaces. One who chooses products that award only good things to oneself and the world, with the care of nature should have in mind Trusty Green Guard certification is always to be trusted. Please visit trust greenguard to learn more about how Trust Greenguard is setting industry standards.

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